Monday, May 31

Favorite Commercials - Cola Wars...

Here come the cola wars - Indian style! These are my favorite cola commercials.


Over the years Pepsi has had some fine commercials. Many celebrities have endorsed the drink. Some have crossed over to other drinks, while some remain loyal to Pepsi. Some others endorsed the drink for a while and later disappeared. Regardless, Pepsi has some interesting commercials to say the least. These are my favorite Pepsi commercials.

I had no clue Aishwariya Rai and Amir Khan endorsed Pepsi long before they became Coke people. This one actually shocked me! Yehi hai right choice Baby, Aha!

Check out the adorable Shahid Kapoor in this one! Who wasn't in love with the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai jodi? I love the over the top filmi fantasy coming true theme!

This one made me smile! This one came out during the Hrithik-Kaho Naa Pyar Hai phase! Tara Sharma and the little boy are adorable in this commercial!

I really like this commercial starring SRK, Kareena and Adnan Sami. Venice looks amazing, to say the least. I like the overall theme and feel of this commercial.

Kareena and Preity together along with Fardeen and Saif! This one is a cute two-part commercial. I love how the girls exact their revenge!

Gotta love Sachin Tendulkar. This commercial makes me smile.

Pepsi TV chahiye? For some reason I actually like this dorky commercial. As a plus Priyanka and Kareena look ravishing while SRK plays the smitten puppy easily!

Gotta love a dorky SRK!

John Abraham and SRK are so funny in this commercial! I love the "Uncle" comment!


Pepsi and Coke are competitors in every market, India is not an exception. Just like Pepsi, Coke too has it's share of celebrity endorsers. Where Pepsi has SRK, Coke has Amir (even though he was an ex-Pepsi endorser!). Coke too has some funny and interesting commercials to their credit. Here are the ones I really enjoyed!

I remember watching this commercial and being totally overwhelmed! Watching Karisma dance and convince me that take a coke, refresh ho ja... I haven't seen any other commercials with Karisma endorsing Coke.

This is such a cute Amir and Aishwariya commercial. I love the whole blind date theme! Makes me smile. Jo chaho ho jaye Coca Coal ho jaye...

I really liked this best-friend commercial. This is where the world was introduced to the Hrithik-Aishwariya jodi. Enjoy!

This one was during the Hrithik craze phase. Everyone wanted to see Hrithik dance all the time! What better Diwali present could there be?!

This one actually made me scream girl power! Thande ka Tadka!

Is there a character in this world that Amir can't play perfectly?! Abbe phil-ower pot, No! Amir plays the tapori perfectly. If I'm not mistaken, isn't that the same ring he had in Ghulam? Na Chatterjee ya Banerjee yeh toh Allergy hai! I love Amir Bhabhi's wit in this commercial. I love the war she teaches NRI Amir lesson about culture and manners. Do sau ka samosa, lao ji lao! This one made me laugh! Sadly, I'm sure this happens to a lot of tourists! Thussi great ho! Flirty Punjabi Amir makes quite an impression. This commercial also stars Shilpa Anand. Thanda matlab Coca-Cola!

Vacaaaaooo! I never thought I would ever hear that word again. But Coke had other plans! I could not stop laughing after watching this retro-inspired Vanilla Coke commercial.


One thing that I've really enjoyed about Sprite commercials would be their spoofs of Pepsi commercials. This one made me laugh and I really enjoyed it! Yeh hai hindustan meri jaan!

Apart from the spoof commercials, Sprite also has very witty commercials. I love the straight-forward attitude in these commercials. Sprite - seedhi baat, no bakwaas!

The guy in this commercial is so annoying - a real Bheja Fry! Bheja Fry? 7 up try!

Salman Khan and Sunil Shetty together! Thums Up commercials always have some sort of interesting stunt in their commercials. I love the action that takes place because the boys don't want to share. Thums Up taste the thunder!

Who better to endorse your product than the original Khiladi himself?! Akshay Kumar's Khiladi image completely echoes Thums Up. A prefect match indeed! Once again, really enjoyed the stunts! (Check out the Pepsi spoof) Akhri Thums Up? Woh kya hota hai...

Rani is adorable in this commercial. I love how the girls ched the boy instead of the other way around! Kya dhakkan hai!

These cute Fanta commercials really made me smile! I like how Genelia's group of girls outsmart the boys every time! I also like the whole retro feel. Fanta dikhao apna asli rang!

This one really made me smile and want to scream Go Gene Go! I like how mom and daughter send the match-making auntie packing! Go Bite!

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