Tuesday, June 15

Teesri Manzil - My Take...

I've mentioned earlier how watching Teesri Manzil instantly made me a Shammi Kapoor fan. So it's only fair that I talk about the movie and why it had such a effect on me.

Let me start by saying, I love watching murder mysteries and thrillers ever since I was little. I just love the way the story comes together after a crime has taken place. I enjoy being completely engaged and engrossed in the plot. Last but not the least, when the villain is revealed, I like being surprised! Teesri Manzil was the second Retro-Bollywood murder mystery I watched (the first was Madhumati). It had everything going for it - great music, wonderful cast, interesting story and novel direction.

The movie starts out with a suicide taking place at a hotel. It is later revealed that the victim was a guest at the hotel and was deeply in love with one of the musicians performing at the hotel under the name, Rocky. Witnesses say that before the victim killed herself, she begged him to confess his love for her and when he asked her to leave, she killed herself by jumping from the Teesri Manzil (third floor) of the hotel. When the police examine her remains and room, they find a suicide note in her room and a bejeweled coat button in her palm.

Cut to the present, the victim's sister, Sunita, decides to go to the hotel and deal with Rocky her own way. In her quest, she meets and befriends Anil, another guest who is staying at the same hotel and claims to be Rocky's friend. It turns out that Anil, is in fact Rocky and pretends to be Rocky's friend to prove his innocence to Sunita.

During their time together, Sunita and Anil fall in love. It is then that he reveals to her that he is in fact the 'Rocky' that she came to meet. He tells her everything that happened the night her sister died. She realizes that Anil was not responsible for her sister's death and explains to him that her sister would never kill herself.

While speaking to the police investigating the suicide, it is revealed that she was in fact murdered. The police also show Anil and Sunita the bejeweled coat button that was found in her sister's palm. How Anil and Sunita solve the mystery makes up rest of the story.

As I mentioned earlier, all of the songs in this movie are just plain amazing! R.D. Burman showcases his talent to the fullest extent with this soundtrack. He introduces the audience to the fast beats of Rock & Roll.

Song 1. O Haseena Zulphon Wali - An introduction song featuring Rocky/Anil (Shammi Kapoor) and Ruby (Helen). Mohd. Rafi sang this song superbly and Asha Bhosle adds so much ada!

Song 2. Aaja Aaja - A cute chedkani song where Anil dances with Sunita. Once again Mohd. Rafi and Asha Bhosle create magic.

Song 3. Deewana Mujhsa Nahi - A romantic song where Anil professes his love for Sunita. Mohd. Rafi sings this song and touches the heart of the listener.

Song 4. O Mere Sonare - The classic manana song where Sunita begs for forgiveness for treating Anil badly. Asha Bholse's charming voice and Mohd. Rafi's masti make this song a classic.

Song 5. Main Inpe Marta Hoon - A fun song where Anil explains that main inpe marta hoon! Mohd. Rafi's voice matches Shammi Kapoor's crazy antics perfectly! Asha Bholse adds ada easily!

Song 6. Tumne Mujhe Dekha - A heartfelt song where Anil reveals himself as Rocky. The emotion in Mohd. Rafi's voice adds so much depth to this song.

I hope this post inspires you to watch Teesri Manzil yourself and become a fan of Shammi Kapoor's work.


  1. This film made me fall in love with bollywood in a big way, i remember not being able to get aaja aaja out of head for a long time, in fact i can't wait till i boogie to it hands on head and all at a bollywood party, to this day Teesri manzil remains one of my fave flmi soundtracks

  2. Same here! I fell in love with the movie, the star and the music!

  3. You are only too right - every single song in that movie is amazing! And I loved the Bollywood take on Noir.

  4. Seriously! I watched the movie with my dad for the billionth time on Tuesday and after it ended he had all the songs playing for the rest of day!

  5. Asha Parekh was amazing in her dance in 'Aaja Aaja' song. Shammi and Asha pairing worked great since both danced with abandon.

  6. Asha was amazing in song 'Aaja Ajja'.