Monday, June 14

Shammi Kapoor Unplugged

Shammi Kapoor is probably one of the last remaining actors of an era in Bollywood when things were only starting to get big. He in a way symbolizes changes that the Bollywood Hero underwent over time. From a serious leading man to a fun-loving romantic hero, Shammi Kapoor was one of the first to lead audiences through that path paving a way for the romantic heroes of today.

Recently, Shammi Kapoor launched a series of videos where he takes his audience and fans down memory lane, reliving moments from his life. Here are some of the episodes of Shammi Kapoor Unplugged.

In this video, Shammi Kapoor recounts the effect that the internet has had on his life. He recounts an emotional incident where he received a touching e-mail from a friend who had not heard from in 50 years.

Here, Shammi Kapoor credits his computer-addiction from keeping him getting addicted to other things!

Shammi Kapoor talks about how he gave up smoking. Are you listening Shah Rukh Khan?

Here, Shammi Kapoor talks about the first computer that he ever bought - Apple 2. I was surprised to learn that Shammi Kapoor is so computer savvy!

Shammi Kapoor holds on dearly to his fun-loving attitude despite suffering from renal failure. He has such a positive outlook!

Shammi Kapoor talks about how he happened to star in Tumsa Nahi Dekha, his first biggest hit.

Here, Shammi Kapoor talks about how he got to star in Junglee or Mr. Hitler, as it was originally named.

Thanks to Dev Anand once again, Shammi Kapoor was able to star in Teesri Manzil, one of his well known hits.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the real Shammi Kapoor a little more, as much as I have.


  1. O man I am glad they didn't call it Mr. Hitler o_o

    Also I have been meaning to watch those unplugged eps since forever!

  2. Mr. Hitler is such a harsh name! I still can't believe that Shammi Kapoor is so computer savvy! He had internet years before the rest of India even knew about internet!