Thursday, June 17

20 Must Watch Shammi Kapoor Films

So far I have talked Teesri Manzil and Andaz, two of my most favorite Shammi Kapoor films. I as thinking long and hard about what my next post in Shammi Week should be a about. That's when I decided why not make a list of the Top 20 Shammi films?! This is my take on the Top 20 Shammi films to watch.

Out of the 20 films in this list, I remember watching only 5 or 6. Being a Shammi fan, I just have to watch all of the films on this list. (Now that I have a list I know which DVDs to keep an eye out for!)

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  1. i too love to watch shammi kapoor's movies... but i have also watched the same number of movies from this list as you have.... but i remember watching one of his movies long time ago (in doordarshan) during my school-days... in which he portrays the role of a bank employee and is falsely charged for the robbery of the bank... do you have any idea of which film I'm talking about.... coz i don't remember the name of the film or any of the other actors in that film... but i liked the film a lot... do you have any idea of what film it is?