Wednesday, April 14

Original Vs. Remix Part II

I've already talked about the remixes I like. So now it's time to talk about the remixes I don't like. There are many reasons why I don't like these particular remixes (there may be other remix versions that are better than these, if so then I have yet to discover them). The most common reason why I don't enjoy these versions is because they add nothing new to the overall feel of the song. Most of them are way too provocative, almost without reason or make no sense at all.

Now, the Bad:

Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon from Patanga (1949), C. Ramchandra

I actually remember watching this song way back in the day when I was unaware that movies used to filmed in Black & White. This song cracked me up back then and still does. I love the way the song is filmed. It's so cute. The remix on the other hand is very sexy-fied for no apparent reason. It's almost as though the makers didn't know what else to make Mumaith Khan do in the video. But I must agree that she's a good dancer!

Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar from Aar Paar (1954), O.P. Nayyar

The original song stars Guru Dutt and Shyama. It is almost like a commentary about the relationship between the characters played by Guru Dutt and Shyama. It mentions the khatti-meethi nook jhook that goes on in between the lovers. I like the innocence of the original. This time I saw/heard two different remix versions of this song. One is bad and the other is ugly. The bad one is made by the same folks who came up with the remix for Kaanta Laga. When I first watched the video, I didn't really like it. Nothing is this remix version appeals to me.

The ugly one stars Deepal Shaw, who made her Bollywood debut in Kalyug along with Kunal Khemu. The whole school girl gone wild thing was a little too much for me to swallow. Another reason why I don't like this video is the fact that I had the exact same uniform she wears in the video and I really don't like the sexy-fied version! And yes me and my friends all wore black bustiers under our uniforms as well just in case we wanted to sneak into clubs.

BTW, here's a version by Raghav that actually sounds decent.

Leke Pehla Pehla Pyar from CID (1956), O.P. Nayyar

The original is from a classic Guru Dutt movie starring Dev Anand and Shakila. It is a really cute song about pehla pehla pyar. I like the subtle chedkani and masti that this song has. Just like the previous song, I saw/heard two different remixes for this song. Needless to say both were hideous. One was definitely worse than the other. This time the bad one again stars Deepal Shaw again as the underage school girl gone wild. This theme is so not working for me. If this video is The Bad version, you can only imagine what The Ugly one is going to be like.

The ugly remix stars Hazel, who made her Bollywood debut in Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar and Chaitanya Chaudhury, who is currently a TV actor. The remix starts out with Hazel calling Rahul (Chaitanya) telling him that she's all alone. Now you have an idea about where the video is headed. The song doesn't really sound bad but provocative video is just not working for me.

Jhumka Gira Re from Mera Saaya (1966), Madan Mohan

The original song stars the bubbly Sadhna. The song is about everything that the girl experiences after her jhumka falls Bareli ke bazaar mein. It's a cute song and I love the story that is conveyed. Asha Bhosle sings this song with ease. The one thing that I like about the remix is that the original vocals are preserved. Everything else I don't like. Riya Sen just can't match up to Sadhna's masti. I also didn't get the story.

Sajna Hai Mujhe from Saudagar (1973), Ravindra Jain

The original stars Padma Khanna. In the song, the girl sings about preparing for her lover when he comes to see her. It is a cute song full of innocence and love. I like the simplicity and the sincerity in Lata Mangeshkar's voice. The remix stars Inder Kumar (for those of you who don't remember him check out this song). The remix actually sounds good. The only thing that bothered me is the video - It's weird. I did not get the story and the setting at all. First the girl has a thing for her manicurist (!?) then a cigarette-smoking tough girl has a thing for the dude too. In the end the manicurist picks out his earring (yeah, that's right) and uses it as a ring when he proposes. That's just way to weird for me.

BTW, here's the remix version I do like. This one stars Neetu Chandra who made her Bollywood debut in Garam Masala.

Aap Jaisa Koi from Qurbani (1980), Kalyanji-Anandji

The original song stars the Original Bollywood Bombshell Zeenat Aman. The song is about girl singing about what would happen to her zindigi if app jaisa koi became a part of it. Nazia Hazzan sang this song perfectly. The remix stars Mallika Sherawat (of all people!) who very famously made her Bollywood debut in Khwaish. The video involves Mallika swaying and feeling up the guy. The vocals on the other hand make me cringe.

I found another remix version of this song that I like very much. This version features Blaaze, a rapper who works very closely with A.R. Rahman. The funny thing is this version has two different video. The first video stars Ruzlaan Mumtaz who made his debut with Hazel in Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar. The second video (which has an extended rapping section) made me smile. Watch it to know why.

Jawani Janeman from Namak Halal (1982), Bappi Lahiri

The original has the sensuous Parveen Babi, the dashing Shashi Kapoor and the Original Angry Young Man Amitabh Bachchan. Parveen Babi plays the beautiful and dangerous seductress very well. I love Amitabh Bachchan's comic antics in the video. The remix has Malaika Arora-Khan doing her thing. She tries her best to match up to Parveen Babi's charm and effortless sexiness but fails. Also the setting for the video is really weird. I agree the huge gold spiky rotating thing in the middle of the stage in the original is weird too but Parveen Babi made it work! Apart from the setting, the remix doesn't really sound that great. I actually prefer the original here.

If you're wondering where The Ugly remixes are then let me tell you - They deserve a whole post dedicated to them!


  1. hahahaha when I had seen the Sajna Hai remix I didn't get it either...

  2. Good to know it's not just me!

  3. Hey who is the pink girl in sajna hai mujhe video of inder kumar...she s beautiful.