Sunday, April 18

Falguni Favorites...

I still the remember the first time I saw Choodi Jo Khanki Haathon Mein on TV. Since then I became a Falguni Pathak Song. Recently I was talking to my friend and we suddenly started remembering the songs that we used to dance to when we were kids. Not surprisingly, most of them turned out to be Falguni songs! So here is a list of my favorite Falguni Songs...

Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi (Choodi Jo Khanki Haathon Mein)

The video stars Richa Pallod and Riya Sen along with two other girls. The girls play school girls who are getting ready to go to a Falguni show/concert. They go shopping for the right outfit and that is when our Heroine gets a glimpse of Mr. Right. Then she sees him when her dupatta conveniently gets caught in the car door. Being Mr. Right, he comes to her rescue. Yes the story is ridiculous and the acting is cheesy but I love this song and the dance moves!

Meri Chunar Udd Udd Jaye

This video stars the adorable Ayesha Takia and the pretty Trisha Krishnan (Yes folks, the girl in the pink saree is indeed Trisha). The story goes something like this - Ayesha is being sent to live a really strict lady, perhaps an aunt or something. Naturally she misses her friend, Falguni and thinks about all the fun times they shared. That's when the lady from the painting, Trisha steps out and becomes her friend. There's also a slight romance angle. I like the dude's expression when he sees Trisha! I can't even remember how many times I've tried to do the shoe step and the signature dance move from this video and failed!

Ayyo Rama

This video stars the cute Divya Kholsa (the girl with the long hair) who debuted in Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyon before getting married to Bhushan Kumar. Anyway, the video is about a couple Delhi girls who are on their way to a Falguni concert and signing. On the way there, they encounter a group of obnoxious guys who also happen to be going to the same event. The girls see the guys at the concert and ignore them but Divya manages to drop her phone and car keys while flicking her hair. One of the guys gets a hold of it and chases after her to return it only to be insulted by the girls who think he is after them. Once the girls realize their folly, they ask for forgiveness but is all forgiven?! Watch the video to find out!

Maine Payal Hai Chankayi

This video stars the handsome Vivan Bhatena. The video is about a talent show of some sort. The popular girls decide to have a fashion show while our heroine and her friends decide to have a puppet show. The popular girl and our heroine are vying for Vivan's attention and he seems to be liking our heroine which makes popular girl angry. She tries to sabotage our heroine's puppet's costumes but our hero comes to the rescue. The video for this song is so cute! The puppet show is adorable. I remember wanting mehendi just like the girls in the video.

Saawan Mein

This song stars Shweta Agarwal who was the female lead in Shaapit. The video has the classic Boys vs. Girls theme. The boys and girls decide to have a competition to finally decide who are the best. The boys win 3 games while the girls win just 1. The last game just happens to involve stacking multiple pots on a person's head without dropping it. The girl shows her chops but gets over confident and the pots fall. The boys decide to be nice and let the girls win. All's well that end's well, I guess.

O Piya

This time I have no clue who our hero and heroine are. The video starts out with our heroine throwing a rope to our hero's room. Then she proceeds to walk on that rope, which just happens to be 4 or 5 stories high, towards our hero's room. All the while she beacons him leke doli aa when in reality he'll probably be carrying her arthi because of her stupidity! I like how our hero is not worried for her safety until the rope breaks leaving our heroine dangling for dear life. Yeah the video is ridiculous but I can't stop humming the song after I listen to it!

Yeh Kisne Jaado Kiya

This video stars the pretty Amna Sharif who made her bollywood debut in Aloo Chat. This time the story is about a student having a crush on her professor (original right?!) but there is a twist. Our heroine keeps getting these little gifts from a secret admirer who she mistakes for the professor. After a while the professor makes it clear that he has someone else in his life. Finally the secret admirer comes forward and makes things right. I really like the chorus of this song. It's classic Falguni.

Main Teri Prem Deewani

This video stars the handsome hunk Iqbal Khan who made a name for himself starring in TV shows. In the video a girl wants to stop her boyfriend from leaving. She decides to play dress up. This video actually reminds me of Buddha Mil Gaya from Sangam where Vaijayanti Mala dresses up in several costumes. Initially I didn't like this song a lot but after listening to it for a while it grew on me.


  1. Unsurprisingly enough, I've seen all of these =D We are so alike XD I too had a while back made a Falguni type post:

    LOL at the arthi comment. Seriously what is she thinking!!??

    Anyway OMG I so didn't realise/remember that the guy in Maine Payal Hai Chankaai was Vivaan!! I just love how we can go back to old vids and discover our favourite serial or movie actors.

  2. OMG! I totally remember all of the other songs that you mentioned as well! We really are alike! Who knew?!
    Every time I watch the older music videos, I spot some actor or tv show actor in it. It's so weird!

  3. Those were the days right? Do they even make such fun, story-type music videos anymore? I miss them :( Haven't heard anything new from Falguni in aaaages.

  4. I think she has some new stuff but I haven't really been keeping up...

  5. i want to know the name of girl in song maina payal hai chankai

    1. The girl who plays the popular girl appeared in other music videos as well. I have no clue who the heroine is! Sorry!

    2. Can you tell which other music videos she appeared in?

  6. Any idea who the guy is frm meri chunar udd udd jaye??

  7. Any idea who the guy is frm the song meri chinar udd udd jaye??

  8. Can some1 tell me d name of d guy in ayio rama song